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The Iron king ( # inshort)


Lets go to an magical advanture through the story of The Iron King. So, lets begin…
              THE  IRON  KING

When Meghan Chase was only six yrs old her father disappeared. He didn’t leave he just vanished. After ten yrs it still bother her. Now, she has a little step brother ‘ Ethan’ and adore’s him.​

Her brother always tell her that somebody is there in his closet & under his bed. That some black hooded figure was their in his room.​

Her best friend Robin. He was like fresh air in her life. But when she started to think how there friendship started. She just couldn’t remember. When she was in trouble he was always there to help. She just fells like he exist to be her best friend.​

​Before her sixteen birthday everything started to fall apart. She fell like someone is watching her or otherwise she see creepy things around which is out of her mind.​

​At her birthday when she get home after school her brother started to act strange. He get hungry every sec. When she refuse to give him food. Her baby brother bite her. His teeth were razor sharp. Robin safe her and he told her that somebody has stolen her brother & put a changling in his place​

Robin shift to his true form. He is a shape shifter. He is Meghan protector his duty was that she doesn’t findout about the different world to protect her. But she not going to give up on her brother. So, she make him understand that how important it is for her to get her real brother back.​​

It is the two different world. One in which human being live. The other world is the imaginative world what we imagine or written in the fantasy book that remain in our mind which is their life source. If we forget them they will fade away. And this imaginative world called Nevernever.​

Doorway to the Nevernever tend to appear in place where there is a lots of belief imagination often you can find one in child bedroom. They find it in her brother bedroom closet.​

After entering in Nevernever. She get stun. It is a vast forest & beautiful with unknown & dangerous creature.​​

After walking miles they get to know that hunt was going it was impossBible to out run them then also they tried but unfortunately Robin & Meghan get separated. She was last don’t were to go & find Robin. There she meet a cat Grim.she made bargain with him to show her way to Robin.

The cat brought her to Summer court where she must find Robin.

​She was shocked when  three knight come to escort her in Summer court. Where she get to know that the fey king was her actual father. He sent Robin to protect her & never bring her to Nevernever because he has lots of enemies. Robin disobey his order that’s why he turn him into raven & put in cage​.

​A festival which is celebrate in Summer court were they have invite winter court. The most powerful realm is winter court & most powerful queen Mab.​

In this festival she meet prince Ash. He was so beautiful & handsome it really hard to look away from him. She really attract by him.​

​​​A chimera a vicious creature summon by someone to attack the festival & the winter court blame the summer court .​

Meghan decides to winter court because she believe that Mab has her little brother. The cat agree to help her get to winter court by making another deal. When she find missing in summer court king sent Robin after them. But he than also join Meghan to find her brother.But Ash caught them who is sent to winter court to have some leverage over king.​
​However, she is soon taken by the great Iron horse & is told by them that the Iron king has  her little brother. Later she is rescued by Ash who agree to help her to get through Iron realn if she will come peacefully with him to the winter court.​

​But in the way Robin get injured & left behind to heal. Ash & Meghan soon develop an attraction to one amother.​

​They get to the Iron realm. They find Iron king in Iron tower her brother also there kept in a cage. Confronting the Iron king Meghan kill him & inherits power of Iron realm.
She bring her brother home in safe & comfort of their home. But eventually Ash appear to take her winter court & she has to because they have a deal.​​

                       IRON  ICE


                       FEY     KING



uprooted( #summary)

Agnieszka livein the village nearest to the wood,where lives( corrupted,evil) creatures. There is a tower in between the wood & the village where dwell the greatest wizard “Dragon”.He protect the village against the wood.

But the wizard collect one teenage girl as payment for protectingthe villagrs. Agnieszka was worried because dragon might take her best friend Kasia. However,Dragon picks Agnieaka.

Agnieszka get to know that Dragon chosen her because she is a witch and Dragon going to teach her small spell.

One day Dragon was called away to defeat a vicious creature. While he was gone Agnieszka village was attack by wolves. She uses her magic to help them but the wolves return to kill her and Kasia. Dragon manages to save her but Dragon get himself wounded. Agnieszka manages to save Dragon life with the help of Jaga’s book.

She started to practice her magic from Jaga’s spell book Which seems to work very effectively. But Dragon spend his entire life in jaga’s spell book but find useless. Although it work for Agnieszka magic power. Which makes Dragon pissed off.

Kasia’s mother tell Agnieszka that Kasia was taken by a creature to the wood. Agnieszka uses her magic to locate Kasia get her to the tower. With the summoning spell Agnieszka amd Dragon Combine their magic and able to free Kasia.

Kasia recovery news spread like a wild fire. Knowing no one is capable to get free from the wood. Prince Marek came to Dragon and order to get back his mother ( Queen Helena) from wood. They manage to free the Queen. But it isthe body of Helena inside lives ( Evil wood queen).

The prince take Queen , Kasia & Agnieszka in the court of polyna to prove their free from the wood corruption. However , Dragon took the opportunity to destroy the wood. The Queen manipulates her older son into going to war where he is murdered & also his wife. But Agnieszka & kasia ran away with heir( the children of crown prince).

To destroy queen they have to first destroy the wood. Agieszka & Dragon agreed to combine there power to destroy the wood. They started to burn the heart tree( which is the sister of wood queen). With the help of summoning spell Agnieszka show the wood queen to heal her sister with her own body.

Dragon go to the polyna court to provide aid & free from the corruption while Agnieszkaanage to burn the corrupted tree & plant new tree.

Later Dragon return to the village as an excuse to collect the tax but the reason is to live with Agnieszka.

“Uprooted” novel has been awarded by NEBULA award for best novel.